Dear Patagonia Pt 2

This episode is the follow-up for my last episode entitled Dear Patagonia (def listen to that before listening to this!).

Someone from Patagonia did indeed end up reaching out to me, and we had a very frank and friendly conversation about all things sustainable regarding wetsuit manufacture. Choice! And then he said he'd send me a new suit, which opened up a whole different can of worms, upon which I elaborate during this recording.

It's a confusingly great end result for me, if that makes sense. On the one hand, I'm stoked with how generous and thorough they - a legit multinational - eventually were with their time and willingness to entertain dialogue with me - a complete nobody - before then going above and beyond to reimburse my efforts with a refund. But part of me worries that the replacement suit in the mail somewhat cheapens what I was going for here, or at least frames me as nothing more than a whinging consumer who wanted free merch - not the case I assure you!!!

And then a whole other part of me feels bad for getting stuck into the offensive when the reality is still such that there is just no such thing as a totally 'green' wetsuit. Sigh. What's an ocean addict to do??

Anyway, listen in, it's a good yarn if you're ears are at a loose end 🤙