Bridge Trolls

Far out man. I tried recording a bit of audio in various locations beyond the confines of Big Suse and have since gained new appreciation for achieving acceptable sound quality! Turns out the tray of a ute, insulated with lots of wood and filled with soft things like futons and cushions is a pretty outstanding studio, and terrifically versatile with the convenience of four muy grande wheels sitting beneath.

So it's been a while since I've sat down in the back of my truck for a podcast, let alone with an articulate fellow like my good friend Fob. We recorded this one from under the Gladesville Bridge, with a provocative view of harbour beauty clashing with brutalist civil architecture.

A diverse range of topics are discussed in this episode along an awfully wide spectrum of seriousness: from some legit geek chat about coffee, to the potential collapse of global industries due to climate change, with plenty of ridiculously esoteric nonsense in between (like how Rols doesn't like escalators - yep, I'm a full tilt psycho but that should come as news to no one).

Anyway, I enjoyed our conversation immensely as I always do with this insightful human being. Fob and I are equally and perpetually astounded by the sheer unlikeliness of the twenty first century as it exists today as I am, something that has so far really set the foundation for some interesting long-form discussions. This is one of them, so tune in and saddle up for a romp through the sunken place with us 👍🏼

[PS just listened and didn't mean to broadly shit on Americans, but between it's president and it's people who go out to view a potential live death.. I mean yeah?!]