How To Be Less Clingy

The worst kind of people, right?
 (PS this is not dating advice, unless you have a weird fetish for glad wrap)

Look, it's hard to deny the convenience of cling film. It's flexible, sterile, cheap; generally just really really useful gear.

But here's the thing, humans are responsible for 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the natural environment every year.

Yeah yeah, bla bla I-can't-properly-fathom-that-statistic-so-I'll-ignore-it bla.

Well think about every sheet of plastic film you've balled up and chucked out over the years. School lunches, art projects, cafe muffins, tattoos. Imagining it all rolled into one giant plastic tumbleweed, it'd probably be as big (or bigger) than you. Yikes!

And you're just one person! Pretty much everyone uses cling wrap... Suddenly the reality of '8 million tonnes of plastic every year' hits a little closer to home.

Anyway! Rather than lament on the past, lets grin about the future: luckily there are great alternatives to cling film. Tupperware, jars, plates upside down on top of bowls. My favourite is beeswax cloth. It's all-natural, antibacterial and awesome for keeping food fresh.


Beeswax wraps are sheets of (organic) cotton covered in a thin layer of beeswax and jojoba oil. They are stiff at room temperature but soften under the heat of your hands, meaning you can mould them around bowls and plates.

[source: LifeHacker] 

[source: LifeHacker] 


They are pretty cheap and if you look after them they'll last a year or so: so will eventually balance out the cost of the glad wrap you would have had to buy anyway. Find them at local farmers markets or online (try

We agreed that clingy people are the worst, right? So get ya mitts on some beeswax cloth and try it out! Then pat yourself on the back for stepping up your eco game and putting one less sheet of plastic film into the environment.