Reef Not Coal

GREENING OUT Ep. 10 - Reef Not Coal

[recorded in the sand dunes in Myall Lakes National Park]

DIARY EXCERPT 13/9/17: Despite no tools and a severely punctured spare tyre, Big Suse and I continued onward into the sand dunes and set up camp for the evening. Whilst definitely a reckless decision, it proved worth it as the stars provided a spectacular vista beneath which to sleep. The Sun broke to an unseasonable - though timely - 34-degree September day, to be spent reading and swimming, punctuated by a podcast recording. Rolls you Lucky bastard!

This episode is an admittedly rambling summary of what endures as the most significant opportunity to evaluate our slippery and toothless federal climate policy.
Mining monolith #Adani continues to capitalise on Australia's lack of legitimate environmental law, namely the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999 - almost twenty years old!! Sorely outdated, right?? Wrong! It's actually a great opportunity for our Environment Minister #joshfrydenberg to continue demonstrating denial of many obvious redundancies within this country's primary piece of environmental legislation. Bugger! In any case, it has revealed the fiscal greed embedded throughout Parliament. on display for all to see. Even @alanjones has piped up! Our politicians consistently prioritise economics over sustainability; nothing new, but rarely so transparently on display as right now.
Australia! Soon-to-be home of the largest coal mine in the southern hemisphere?

[Spoiler Alert: current status is for Adani to start digging in October.]


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