Something's Fishy

GREENING OUT Ep. 11 - Something’s Fishy

[recorded in Big Suse on the headland above the beach at South Curl Curl]

Is Erich Abetz trawlin’ out of control?
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F.V. Margiris, all terrifying 140m of it

F.V. Margiris, all terrifying 140m of it


Further contextualising Abetz in this story are his swift attacks on Greenpeace Australia and environmentalists in general, which he made almost immediately after stepping into the office of ‘Special Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation’ for the Howard Cabinet in 2006. Was it because he accurately foresaw such activists as potential impediments to his future supertrawler conspiracy with Parlevliet and Van Der Plast?

I think I said on the recording that Abetz invented his role as Special Minister - THIS IS FALSE. It is true however, that he was the last to hold that office, as it was mysteriously abolished after his occupation. Could it be though, that he engineered the closure of the department in order to grant himself permanent title of ‘most recent Fisheries Minister’… whereby appointing himself as undisputed chief parliamentary advisor to any future government on all things fishing? Such circumstances would surely enable legal flexibility for any corporation with which he was associated?

There are a lot of potentially nefarious loose ends about this story and nothing seems out of the question. I would like to make it abundantly clear that I'm not making any official allegations but it is in my view an inarguably compelling narrative which appears yet unresolved.

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