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Greenwashing is scary shit. Scary in that there are humans out there (plenty of them) willing to put profits over the health of the planet.

This post is a brief overview of what greenwashing is, why you might fall victim to it more easily than is comfortable to think about, and how it's gone down in the past in Australia.

Find the Cool Australia information here.

And the ACCC vs. Saab's dodgy "Grrrrreen" campaign here.

And the Woolies toilet paper thing here.

As for the second half of this podcast... hmm.

I guess if you claim to be 100% anything, as soon as you slip up - no matter how seemingly minor the deviation - your credibility stands to suffer.

That's the crux of this current Patagonia situation, as - despite all their good work - a mission statement claiming "cause no unnecessary harm" means that profiteering of any kind will be pretty much unacceptable. Certainly that is the feedback being offered by the environmental community in the wake of their new food line, which is sold in single-use plastic packaging.

Sigh. I guess nobody's perfect right? It almost seems unfair - Patagonia does a lot more than most in the fight against climate change, but ironically that is what makes them an easy target for specific criticism according to the above rhetoric. But they're still a business after all! Maybe we are the fools for expecting transparently benevolent corporate activity? It should not go without acknowledging that Patagonia does a SHITLOAD more for the environment than the overwhelming majority of other companies.

Find the conversation in the comments section beneath this Instagram post.

Anyway, listen in and decide for yourself.  Stay vigilant legends!