VIEWS #6 - Samuel Werrett [19.4.18]

[recorded at Curl Curl Beach]

WARNING: the following audio contains theoretical spirituality and mention of the G-word, audio may offend some atheists [no religions were harmed in the making of this podcast]

Nah for serious though, this was a super enjoyable chat after a surf and a coffee with the man the myth the LEGEND: my boi Sammy Werrett aka Dj Wisco aka one of the true great men of the 21st century.

Sammy and I have been mates for nigh on 15 years and it was an overdue treat to have him on board Big Suse for a chinwag. Meditation, momentum, life as a global ffa, we covered it all in this gr8 chat by the beach (gently punctuated by the sounds of #gentrification, soz 🚧)

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