Bulletin [11.5.18]

Morning coffee and news go together like alcohol and regret, right? Nah? Ahem.
Recorded another 🗣bulletin yesterday evening and it was vintage rols premium delirium golden hour - come for the news, stay for the crazy.

Stories I covered:

  1. Recycling sitch is becoming especially scary with some quantifiable figures emerging: ie our recyclable waste contamination rate averages out around 20% (does that mean 1 in 5 of us is just that lazy?) and for China to start accepting it again it’s gotta be at 0.5%. WHAT YOU PUT IT IN THE BIN MATTERS!

  2. Canberrans are currently winning this very game with food waste bins proposed to offset both landfill volumes and fuel emissions. Yes we CAN,BRA.

  3. Researchers are asking nerdy citizens in WA to record frog sounds to an app called FrogID to help flesh out data on these slippery and elusive beings - and guess what, it’s working. How cool are nerds!

  4. If you don’t know who Boyan Slat is, you should, as he is about to launch a genuine attempt to launder the worlds messiest diaper aka the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Critics abound, but f them! We - or rather, he - gotta start somewhere.

  5. If acceptable edible yield of a fish is around 40%, what happens to the other 60% of its biomass? Well, now you can buy it in Paddington, and it’s proper delicious and proper good for you.


Plus 2 bonus stories if you make it that far down the road with me!



Climatechange news: worth my sanity, worth your hungover attention 👍🏼♻️👍🏼♻️👍🏼
Thanks again ABC!

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