Bulletin [19.5.18]

Another week, another trip, another newscast, ahem-

1. After nearing extinction there are now more humpback whales than ever. Human beings: capable of learning from mistakes!

2. Hunter Valley is bracing itself for more coal investment, proving that when you’ve got enough money - like the Obeid family - moral (and actual) law tends to mean sweet f a. Sigh. 

3. There is such a thing as fatal testosterone levels in mammals that have too much sex. Is this the answer to our population crisis? (Seems like a pretty good way to go?)

4. Even BP agrees it’s not worth the risk, but deep-sea drilling in the Great Australian Bight is looking more likely by the second. Yikes.

5. You know those mindfulness colouring books? I’ll do you one better - counting seals with drone imaging. Techmology innit!

Tried to keep ranting to a minimum this bulletin, hope it’s useful!