Beyond contributing to harmful industries damaging the environment, do you put much thought into what environmentally-intensive food is actually doing to your health?

Eat garbage and you become garbage, simples. Just another beautifully ruthless karma receipt: be mindful of your diet’s footprint and you’ll become healthier, or eat Maccas and race your body against our time on this planet. Monocultured, factory-farmed food has the same effect on your rig and the earth, causing both to deteriorate and implode much faster than hoped.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, reducing the environmental impact of your diet is THE most direct way to reduce your footprint, hands down. Surprise surprise, Rols flogging a dead horse. But did you know eating sustainably is also a secret path to better health? And by default, a path to happiness? Whilst that may sound like I’m casting a long line, it’s a legit claim I’m making (me with all my ‘legitimacy’, lol).

But think about it. How shit do you feel after a dirty bird binge? Yep, karma jotted down all the unnecessary emissions and animal cruelty you racked up whilst wolfing up those wings in your hungover haze. Then how amazing do you feel after a smoothie with bananas and hemp seeds in it? Yep, that’s your rig and nature, celebrating together arm-in-arm, rejoicing in the responsibility of your consumption. 


So oi seriously, come on, what’s your diet like?? Do you secretly eat like shit and pretend you’re holding yourself to a higher standard of both personal and planetary health? Its super weird how our brains can get paralyzed between knowledge and desire, innit. Well let me tell you, conquering cravings is an insanely useful - albeit temporarily uncomfortable - practice, which will extend far beyond the realms of what you munch on during Netflix (but that’s another article).

Look only one thing’s for certain, and it’s the fact that neither your body nor the environment have to be a prisoner of your appetite. Mastering a sustainable diet will do wonders for your rig and the earth will love you for it too.

Escape the trap!
Eating good = doing good = feeling good.

[ENDNOTE: if you’re serious about cutting your dietary footprint down immediately, I’d recommend using vegan as a starting point and modifying from there based on your living circumstances and nutritional requirements. It is by no means a cut-and-dry situation, however: many plantbased foods are grown in monoculture and are an inferior option compared to permaculture-based animal products.]

To help you investigate, here are some resources I find particularly useful.

Sustainable Table

This is the best resource I’ve found for Australians seeking to improve their foods choices. Type in ‘dairy’ for a great introduction. 

Sustainable seafood

Also available as an app, this is a great index to use on-the-fly making decisions about seafood. Australian wild fish stocks are managed better than most, however there are plenty of critically endangered species we should avoid eating until socks replenish. Goes without saying anything pre-packaged is likely to have a much larger ecological rucksack than something line-caught that you’d buy from a fish shop.

Plant Proof

Most arguments condemning the vegan diet do so from a nutrition perspective, pointing to supposedly “gaping” deficiencies in certain essential vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins that abound in products of animal agriculture. This bloke is proving that theory to be well-wrong, using his gr8 bod as proof positive that vegans can eat a complete nutritional profile. Very good resource for educating yourself on how much healthier your food decisions can be.

Naked Paleo

Amazing recipe blog for wholefoods-based, low-carbohydrate eating. Full paleo is an extreme way to eat, but on the whole sets the tone for a much more sustainable approach to food... minus the meat! Sub in some kangaroo instead of beef and you’ll be on the ticket. 


Are you someone who says “oh I don’t want to watch Cowspiracy, I know it will ruin my diet”? Oi, quit being a pussy, no actually, quit being a child! This documentary is worth your attention.

Food Inc

(as above^)

Fifty Shades of Vegan

My own experience: rantings and ravings following my own dietary switch to vegan overnight, and research I did into animal food groups I wanted to reintegrate into my diet. Here’s some quick answers: beef NO pork NO chicken NO kangaroo YES eggs SOME tuna NO honey YES oak strawberry milk NO biodynamic cheese YES. Have a read from the layman’s perspective, might save you some time!