Bulletin [27.5.18]

Yup its weekly news time, but somehow its Sunday night and this one has 10 stories - is this th3 sixty minutes version or wHat?

Could be a new thing. Probably better yeh? A one-hour weekly podcast with prominent environment news stories from the past seven daisies? To then digest at your leisure throughout the week? Sounds more helpful than what would otherwise be perhaps the same disjointed ramblings, but on a disjointed schedule as well.

Be interesting to see if i manage to do it again next week (don’t worry it will come as a surprise to me too)


1. Humans Only One Ten-Thousandth Of Life On Earth But Have Destroyed 85% Of Wild Mammals: study
2. Liddell Coal Plant Nitrogen Oxide Release Over 3 Times Rate Of Global Standard
3. Green Roofs For Australian Cities
4. Kamikatsu: Zero-Waste By 2020
5. $444m Great Barrier Reef Funding Awarded Without Tender
6. Federal MP David Leyonhjelm Invested In Adani
7. Wild Peacocks Divide Canberra Community
8. Climate Change Reducing Rice Nutrition
9. 33myo Fossils In Outback WA Challenges Palaeontology Theory
10. Shark Carcass Dumped On Darwin Doorstep

Peace and high fives!