Bulletin [3.5.18]


(^that's the old-school wireless tuning noise btw)

Yep, new bulletin is up.
Let me bring you up to speed on a few environmental current affairs: 

1. Emmanuel Macron is a total rockstar. Dude isn't afraid to make tough calls about climate change, and has a very proactive approach to climate change policy in the old-school form of cold hard legislation. French car manufacturers have seen a boom in hybrid sales since his taking office last year, and it was awesome to hear him offer some #realtalk in Malcolm Turnbull’s direction while in Sydney.

2. Climate change can be toxic to a brand and may in fact be posing a threat to current progress by impeding potential corporate investment. The answer to mass change is appealing to more than just 'saving the environment'. Solar is the obvious example: becoming more affordable by the minute, it is increasingly attractive to those who might not give a shit about the environment but like the idea of personal sovereignty through off-grid living. Interesting stuff.

3. Plastic is a super amazing material, agreed? Lightweight, cheap, sturdy and will last forever. If you were buying something you intended on using for the rest of your life, you’d probably be well keen to have it made out of plastic, right? I’ve said it before and this article is saying it again: plastic isn’t the problem, it’s how we’re using it!

4. GLOOM ALERT: the Great Barrier Reef is still in dire straits. How much does it suck to constantly hear about how precarious this situation is! Maybe this is like a modern version of when we extinguished (extinctified?) the last of the woolly mammoths, and generations down the track will look back at our extinctification (yup, new word) of superorganisms like coral reefs and rainforests as the very same thing, the same picture of human beings fighting with nature, constantly biting the hand that feeds. Deep, bro.

5. The recycling crisis this country is currently experiencing is getting worse by the second. It’s like we’ve shat our pants but no one in the room has noticed yet, and we’re smiling and sweating and trying to keep it together despite having no idea what to do as a disaster is quietly but rapidly escalating. Queenslanders are in for a bit of a horror show, with serious rate hikes to try and... well, to try and solve a behavioural fleshwound by spending  more money on bandaids. Nah? Yeah? Gross? Yeah.

Hope this information finds its way to the eyes and ears of someone who ordinarily wouldn't be exposed to it. Peace!