Bulletin [10.6.18]

Fresh eco news podcast:

1. Old wheelie bins are being slung up trees as prospective homes for wildlife affected by habitat loss from deforestation. Cool initiative but begs the question; do human’s best efforts still involve putting nature in the bin? ARTICLE HERE

2. Whale dies after eating 8 kilos of plastic amid recalculation of Great Pacific Garbage patch extent - roughly the size of Queensland as it goes. Floating. In the sea. A Queensland-size patch of rubbish floating in the sea. Yup. That’s real. ARTICLE HERE

3. The question of our lifetime prevails and I can’t stop thinking about it: if we use technology to ‘repair’ nature, aren’t we really just creating a new version of nature? Cripes. This whole thing is called geoengineering and one doctor calls it the Voldemort of climate change because the scientific community cant bring themselves to discuss it. Makes me a psycho slutherin for wanting to talk about it I guess? ARTCLE HERE

4. Coles and Woolies biff on for the title of heavyweight sustainability champ. So far everyone is winning. Hooray! Every dollar votes! ARTICLE HERE

5. Having a homeless population with nothing to eat shouldn’t happen anywhere, let alone a place where countless tonnes of perfectly edible food is thrown in the bin on the daily. Stupid right? OzHarvest thinks so. ARTICLE HERE

6. What would you choose, run through a bushfire or chance a swim in crocodile-infested waters? Nope, you’re not a character in some young adult fiction, you’re a tourist on holiday in the Northern Territory very recently. ARTICLE HERE

7. Of the 83 shipping containers lost in the ocean off Port Stephens this week, only 1 has been found. Needless to say we are at blue-head emoji level panic stations. Kudos to all volunteers who collected debris from a NSW beach this week! ARTICLE HERE

8. We’ve really gotta pump the brakes on sashimi. If you don’t have the sustainableseafood app on your pocket-computer you should get it, it’s a bloody ripper. ARTICLE HERE

Also Dr. Karl permafrost article is here.

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