Bulletin [15.6.18]

Fun fact: I recorded the first three quarters of this podcast without realising I still had sunglasses on and wondering why my phone was harder to read than usual.

Subtext of the headlines this week:

1. There is such a thing as extracting clean drinking water from thin air. Are we living in a movie or WHAT?!

2. Queenslanders pretty much have the most solar panels per capita in the entire world. They're using the excess energy - some of which is threatening to overload the grid - turn high-altitude lakes into rechargeable batteries by keeping them filled with water and installing hydroelectricity plants downstream. This is a bloody cool time to be alive!

3. Port Macquarie is going to have the largest solar system on any healthcare facility in Australia! Yowza!

4. The WA government is considering new waste bans, proudly stated by premier Mark McGowan  between sips from a disposable coffee cup during a live ABC interview. Mark positively "hates" plastic waste! All the lols.

5. A Tony-Abbott inspired task force is panicking about being unable to offer any advice (literally) to the government about wind farms, something they have been getting paid to research for two years. Didn't think waking up the day an essay is due kept happening beyond uni, let alone to middle-aged 'professionals' in return for taxpayer income?

6. Whale watching season is in FULL SWING and Jodie Lowry got REAL CLOSE.

7. "I'm very worried by the description of oil rigs as beneficial environmental structures"

8. Antarctic Ice Melt Has Nearly Tripled In The Past Five Years (yep, that one needed nothing from me)

9. I did indeed completely mispronounce the word 'mohair' for a whole article - about 'mohair' - but its too bloody late to do anything about it now and I'm going to surf Creso next week so who cares!