Bulletin [22.6.18]

Newcastle produced some savage studio views of the worlds biggest coal port for this environment news bulletin.


  1. Would you drive 14 hours to catch one critically endangered fish? Nah? Me neither (some people do but) ARTICLE HERE
  2. Conservation commitment creates community cohesion, confirmation courtesy of Ningaloo Reef ARTICLE HERE
  3. Adani’s Carmichael Mine is essentially an enviro-bomb about to detonate and obliterate countless Australian ecologies into a new dimension. ARTICLE HERE
  4. Drinking water in the NT has uranium in it. Uranium! Yep, life in the east is pretty bloody rosy. ARTICLE HERE
  5. The world’s oldest captive orangutan just died at age 62. And you know how I mentioned bluefin tuna? They can live up to 40 years old! Here I was thinking I’m all grown up but 26 is feeling pretty juvenile right now. ARTICLE HERE
  6. Palm oil is the absolute pits - no news there - but some companies are trying to drown the world in it. Sad times ARTICLE HERE
  7. WA actually came pretty close to a walking-dead style evacuation due to water shortages had sufficient contingency not been installed over a decade ago (phew eh!) ARTICLE HERE
  8. Is trash washing up in untouched Australian environments from overseas actually balancing the eco-ledger in a creepy sort of way? ARTICLE HERE
  9. “Pumped storage hydro is the most efficient mature technology to store energy, and integrating this with solar and potentially wind over time, we can deliver the holy grail of renewable which is dispatchable, reliable energy” ARTICLE HERE

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