Bulletin [28.8.18]

When I was young we used to do "emu parades" - everyone line up and sweep through the yard/beach/bush picking up rubbish. I think it imprinted something, as I now tend to become a bit of a crazy person around abundant litter and get into a fairly antisocial headspace of frenetically picking up anything and everything in sight. I generally refer to it as emu mode.

Anyway emu mode worked against me the other day. Well, I guess not against me, but someone else. I was sorting through all the shit I retrieved at kuringai national park over the weekend and discovered I may have inadvertently spoiled someone's elaborate marriage proposal... yeah.


Seriously though, there's gotta be more romantic places to propose than horribly trashed bushland, right? And if they really love you, they should have said yes anyway, right? Right?? Ahh shit 🤦🏻‍♂️.



1. Losing 5000 of 6000 tonnes of sand deposited at Apollo Bay within 1 year speaks volumes of nature reclaiming territory regardless of urban planning or Australian cultural significance.
2. Sentimental attachment to suburban trees is preventing effective carbon capture and oxygenation of Canberran communities. 
3. There are people in the world willing to spend $16000 (!) on one exotic and highly illegal turtle.
4. Australian tap water is literally the cleanest in the world, meaning Australian cities are literally the very last place in the world where bottled water makes sense. #ROBINET