"Protect Our Winters"

Anyone else wigging out about the fact that natural snowfall in Australia may very well be relegated to the history books in the next 50 years? I def am.

It’s a horrible paradox that snow resorts can offer such an immense amount of fun and maximum appreciation of the alpine environment, but come with huge ecological taxes that will contribute to the eventual cessation of the entire industry.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds!

Truth be told, I’m a little nervous about what I’ve said in this podcast. Discussing the paradoxical transgressions of an activity I fucking love was difficult, and I’m baring all as someone absolutely guilty of contributing to the problem (that is, prioritising my own enjoyment over its associated environmental costs). But with each passing year, the economics both financial and environmental seem increasingly untenable for Australian resorts - and indeed for the individual.

I dunno, whaddya reckon? Am I barking up the wrong tree talking about this stuff or are we witnessing a slow industrial death rank with hypocrisy?

Find the ABC article here

And the two snaps I took of 2017 magazine articles below:


Let me know your thoughts!!