Bulletin [7.8.18]

Not sure how or why this podcast location eventuated but I stand by my entirely spontaneous endorsement of Bunnings as the ultimate toy store (especially for those of us who constantly desire things that don’t exist in shops or vehicle showrooms)

Anyway, new podcast is up, here’s the headlines:

1. Sea Shepherd joins campaign against Adani, “George Christensen still someone I don’t take seriously”
2. Scientists now able to repair humans by implanting bits of crocodile... yep.
3. Total evacuation increasingly likely for settlements suffering the worst water shortages in history.
4. ‘Red Tide’ algal bloom has endured for 9 months - 3 out of 4 seasons - and killed pretty much everything in the Gulf of Mexico.

Many thanks to Madi and others for kicking off the conversation!!

Here's a link to the heatwave article she mentions.

Keep the comments coming, trust me when I say that ecoanxiety is like a fart - heaps better out than in!